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Biochar is nature’s way of rejuvenating the soil to promote the healthy growth of plants and trees by adding char (charcoal) into gardens, lawnscapes, and potted plants. Biochar stores microorganisms, fungi, nutrients, and water and feeds the nutrients and water to plants roots. 

Biochar is an excellent odor absorber and feed additive for livestock. Apply biochar to animal bedding and feedstock to promote healthy digestion and growth, while reducing the odor of their manure.
Reduces the Effects of Climate Change and Water Pollution
The production of biochar removes carbon (CO2) in the atmosphere and transforms it into a carbon solid material that is beneficial to the soil. Biochar is not carbon neutral; it is carbon negative! Biochar reduces CO2 in the air and a negative impact on our climate.

Secondly, biochar holds in the nutrients that would otherwise be washed away by rain. Most importantly, there is no need for adding chemical fertilizers annually to the soil, which are then washed away and end up polluting our rivers, lakes, and streams.